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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

"Rizzo the Rat: Boy, that's scary stuff! Should we be worried about the kids in the audience? Gonzo: Nah, it's all right. This is culture!" Muppet's Christmas Carol

I have decided that I am going to at least attempt to keep this blog up, though it now, rather unfortunately, is about an English person, living in England. So probably not quite as exciting as previously! Still, I shall do my upmost to keep it as entertaining as humanly possible.

So, as I have said, I am now back in England! Home of... ermmmm... Real Ale! That will do. Flipping heck America, you need to get your act together about beer. I mean, when I first got down The Millstream (the local) and had my first pint of a real english ale... Sweet Magic, Woody Allen, Zombie, Superman, Komodo Dragon, Telepathic, Vampire, Quantum, Hovercraft, *Me*, Jesus that's a good ale.
Miller light just plain does not count as ale.
Miller light just plain does not count as lager.
Miller light just plain does not count as beer.
Miller light just plain does not count as drink.
Miller light just plain does not count as sustenance.
Miller light just plain does not count as thing which should ever have existed, ever.
IMO (isn't it brilliant that 3 letters can save your ass{ARSE} sometimes)

That is all for that.

So CHIRSTMAS, yes, Christmas and all that. I arrived in England on Christmas eve and was thus thrust quite figurativelly into the Christmas spin of things. Not having much to do with Christmas in America, it felt like most of the holiday was dropped on me at some point after my afternoon nap in one large chunck! So that was like being a small child again, which was an odd experience.

Soph and I spent Christmas at my parent's house, I got a new graphics card from my parents, which I am currently waiting for TOR to download to play on! Soph got me loads of little bits, so I won't list them, and Cuba (not the country, the board game), which I can't wait to play (along with my bgg SS present of Runewars) when I'm back at Gamesoc... mmmmmm Gamesoc...*dribbles*

Boxing day (yes America, Boxing day)
Boxing Day is traditionally a day following Christmas when wealthy people in the United Kingdom would give a box containing a gift to their servants. See I did get it right!

we spent with Soph's parents, sister and her now husband, which was another awesome Christmas meal, more opening of presents and drinking of Ale, plus more playing of the board games I got Soph for Christmas.

Since then I have been catching up with Hitchin friends, which involves lots of drinking at the local as well as a fantastic pub quiz at James', I'm also running board games tonight at mine, so that should be awesome.

Probably should also mention New Years quickly, especially since I have to go and fetch Soph, like 5 mins ago!

Okay, I'm back from picking up Soph and board game/wii evening. Continue.

New years was a mixing of people with nowhere to go, as the event put it. This meant friends from all over could turn up and watch Jools Holland, drink some tasty ale and play board games or whatever they wanted (which turned out to be crisp packet fights). Despite Soph banging her head, I believe a good night was had by all, including nobody falling into the pond (quite an achievement Travis, well done)

I'm not really sure how much else there is to say this evening. Glad to be back writing this, not sure when I'll get the next one out, will probably be back to whenever anything interesting happens in my life. So, a little while!

Night people, star wars TOR still hasn't finished downloading, so I'll leave you with this.
As a final note my new years resolution is to fail at completing my new years resolution, it's gonna be easy!

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