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Saturday, 14 January 2012

"I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living." -Dr Seuss

There is something about doing a dissertation that makes me want to get more blogs done. But maybe I just want to get more blogs done!
There are still some people reading this I think, which is the only reason I'm bothering, so keep reading and I'll keep writing!
This is slightly overdue, but book review number 4 is on the way! This time it was Rides a Dread Legion by Raymond E. Feist. One of my favourite fantasy authors, with Magician being one of the best fantasy books around, in my opinion.

This follows the same universe as Magician and other books, of which I have read a grand total of none, so I can't really approach this from the view of someone with a huge love of the Feist Universe. I am, a fantasy-fan, of the highest accord, which is so-far not represented by my book reads. However, those AVID readers of my blog (which blatantly exist), will know that I know my Gandalf's from my Garion and my Aurian from Eragon. I have only ever put down one fantasy series in my entire life, which was, for very good reason, The Wheel of Time, but that's because it's the longest thing ever written where LITERALLY NOTHING HAPPENS, but that's beside the point.

Rides a Dread Legion is the first book in a new saga by Feist, the Demonwar. This book very much feels like a set-up. It takes quite a long time to set the new scene, allowing readers not used to Feist's complex world to get into this book without too much difficulty. Without ruining the plot too much, the book focuses on a new demon incursion, attempting to take over the worlds of the elves and other races, which forces elves of different worlds to travel back to their "homeworld" to discuss what to do. As I said, it starts slow. Soon though, once all of the newly introduced characters find each other, it becomes an immensely interesting read, some of the battles, including the final chapter, are immensely exciting and well read.

My one main problem with it, it the RIDICULOUS FANTASY NAMES! Every approximately 3 seconds there is a new 5 syllable name of a place or person or thing, it's ridiculous. Especially when you are working/listening and therefore dropping in and out, it gets one VERY confused!

So overall, not a bad audiobook, but a bit slow for my liking (and lotr is one of my favourites, along with the Belgariad, so I can deal with slow and interesting) Perhaps better as a hardcopy book, this will be good for any fans of the Feist works certainly.

Next book, at some point soon probably will be Confessions of a D-list Supervillan! 

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