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Saturday, 11 June 2011

“The crime problem in New York is getting really serious. The other day the Statue of Liberty had both hands up.” - Jay Leno

Hey everyone.

I apologise for my huge lack of a blog recently. I see that it has easily been over a month hopefully people didn't miss it too much!
The Typical Times Square Shot. (Man I'm a tourist)

Most of you will know that Soph visited me during May, since (what with the Royal Wedding and all) the British (who are still in Britian) get a quite frankly stupid amount of days off within a short period.

It was nice for me to be a tourist again, with a great visit to New York where we did all the touristy type things, Empire State, Grand Central (didn't have much choice about seeing that, as it's how we arrived!), Central Park, Lincon Centre and shopping!

The M&M store and Nintendo world were awesome, my only regret is not getting a certain pair of hilarious boxers from the M&M store! (People who want to know what they have printed on them should ask me, since I don't want to post it publicly!)

Central Park is beautiful. 

Soph and I spent our second weekend together visiting Hartford, which was slightly disappointing as a town. Despite being the capital of CT, there was a huge lack of things to see or do, unless you enjoy looking around Malls which have no shops in them (which was actually a little freaky). This meant we ended up just getting a taxi to a nearby (open) Mall and just shopped for the day.

I won't go through Soph's entire visit, just thought I would summarise it, since most of you can look at pics and stuff on facebook or can find out details other ways. It was really really good to see her and now that she has returned to the green and pleasant land (or whatever). I do miss her a lot.

Still my parents, sister (2 mentions!) and Soph have now booked their flights to visit on the 22nd of August till some time in September (I think 12th), so I'm really looking forward to that.

So, I'm here on my first night shift in a good while, which has been really nice and I am taking a break from work every now and again to update this. Things are progressing forward with my work here at the lab and we're all very much rushing around trying to get things sorted for our last 3 weeks of runs before the beam here is shutdown on June 24th (which also means no more shifts after that date!)

I'll deviate slightly into gaming for a second, to mention some of the stuff that I have been doing in my free time recently. In NY, after Soph left I picked myself up a copy of RuneBound, which I am looking forward to getting another game of on Tuesday, which should be awesome. Neuroshima Hex saw a lot of play-time while Soph was here and seems to hit the table fairly frequently at Nexus, so I might look at getting the expansions for that at some point.
Literally 10 mins before I turned up for this shift (probably would have been better to sleep, upon reflection...), I finished Portal 2. I thoroughly enjoyed the game, it was perfectly balanced in humor, difficultly and length. So well done! (Incidentally if anyone is interested in playing the co-op then I am definatly up for that).

I'm continuing my way through DA2, which I am actually enjoying. It seems to have got a lot more rap than I believe it deserves, but this could be since I am playing it as a role-player, not as a pc gamer (incidentally my character is a silly joker, especially in serious situations). My only complaint about it is the CONSISTENT re-use of areas, which I find really annoying. I understand that I do lots of side quests, and the game offers lots of side-quests, which is great, but slight changes in the areas, just different objects or textures in places would have been greatly appreciated.

I apologise for the massive delay in actually posting this. I entirely forgot about it.
I will ensure that it's not this long in between my posts other times. To make up for it, here is a picture to express my deepest apologies.

P.S. Happy now Elle? :p