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Sunday, 17 July 2011

“It does not do to leave a live dragon out of your calculations, if you live near him.” J.R.R. Tolkien

I apologise for my once again delay in the writing of this blog, thus I would firstly like to extended my congratulations to anybody who keeps up with their blogs on a more frequent basis than I, which would be pretty much anyone.

So my most recent event was going to Connetticon over last weekend. Connetticon is a huge general Cosplay and gaming convention held in Hartford, CT (as I have mentioned previously). I played 5 sessions of Pathfinder over the weekend, bringing Professor Calaelen (my elven Alchemist character) up to nearly level 2. I even got to GM a game, which was really good fun.
I have been playing huge amounts of pathfinder recently, which is really good fun. It's good to get lots of rping in and I don't think I'll be returning to D&D 3.5 any time soon, so people back in Guildford should be ready for lots of pathfinder society play when I get back!

I'm really looking forward to my parent's and Soph's visit at the end of August for 3 weeks. I think the plan at the moment involves a mini road trip around the New England area, including Boston, Cape Cod,  Providence and New York. So I'll keep you all posted as to how good that is, as soon as it's done.

R2D2 Lantern which we made last year
I was sad to miss Rhythms of the World back in Hitchin, but I see that there was a fair amount of rain and thus maybe it was a good year to miss if I had to miss one. I hope that everybody had a wonderful time, hopefully James didn't drink all of the beer which I would have! This also a good time for me to mention that I am also sad to miss Towersey Folk Festival this year. I'm sure James, Michael and Katie will have lots of fun without me, but it might not be the same!

My board gaming has been continuing weekly, mostly playing lots of Castle Ravenloft at Nexus on Tuesdays, I am working my way through painting all of the minis and it is probably safe to say that I am "pimping" out this game pretty thoroughly. Apart from that, my game purchasing has been at a sad minimum, except for a preorder of Quarriors and Belfort, I have no games that I really need right now.

Back to work. The beam at WNSL is completely off now, unless I have said this before, I forget. My project is coming along fairly well, should be all finished shortly and then it will be time for me to start writing my dissertation for the year.

I'll try not to make this too much about gaming. I should going to GenCon this year to GM some more Pathfinder. This should be loads of fun, so I should let people know how that all goes after it's done. I have also been asked to do two more Conventions in November, so fingers crossed I should have a lot of experience GMing by the time I get back.

Thanks for listening.

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