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Monday, 16 January 2012

“As an actor and writer, husband and father, I have two often-conflicting monkeys on my back: Monkey number one is Creative Monkey. He occasionally digs his claws into my brains, and refuses to let go until something wonderful comes out. I love him.” - WIll Wheton

I have recently been thinking about this blog. So far it's been random snippets of things I like etc... but without any kind of structure, thought or even spell-check! But still, there are some people reading this, I'm not entirely sure why, maybe you all have exams or I have some kind of creepy mass crowd of stalkers...
In my soul-searching quest, I encountered many things I didn't expect, met a load of new friends, but I still believe the main thing which I managed to find was ...myself...
Pah, Fuck that.

I realised I actually LIKE doing this blog. I know, it's crazy. But it does need some kind of structure, so that people who, for instance, have no interest in gaming (silly people) or physics (silly people) or my general life (those ones need to be institutionalised) don't have to read through a whole bunch of crap before they get to something they actually would like to read.

Therefore, there will be structure whenst none was before,
There will be order out of chaos,
There will be interest where none could be found,
For this is the HINTERNET!

Okay, the general idea is going to be to post every Monday, on 4 alternating topics (hence 1 of each every approx month), which will be posted in different interesting places.

Gaming- will be a discussion of the previous month's gaming, which should go up on bgg and the normal places.
Something for the others- Should be something else, of MY CHOICE, damn right. It's my blog, I get to choose the other thing.  This could include news, politics, tech, or my opinion on cows. (I don't like them)
Physics- Since I'm like a physicist and everything I think it should be interesting to actually talk about something interesting in the science world from the last month. This should be liked from the University of Surrey Physblogroll. 
The life and times of Matt- This should be an update on what's going on with me, over the last month, with an attempt not to include fun stories, not gaming or physics or other related, we can't have overlap!

There will then also be audiobook reviews, so people know firstly how awesome audible is, and what books they should read. Probably aiming at being more of a discussion of books than just a straight review. All of this will be from my (probably geeky) view on things. I might even have opinions, you never know!

I should get started on this straight away. Hopefully people will enjoy structure in their lives. Also, if people feel like commenting then you definitely should! Bring more community to this blog and it's wonderful ability to bring people of all races, genders (with the addition of laptops to the world, woman can go on the internet from the kitchen now! .... I'm kidding...) and outlooks together, under one fantastic geeky metaphorical roof!


WAIT. Bad news, how? It's a nice d20.

 Also, look new shiny!

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