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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

"I think Linux is a great thing, in the big picture. It's a great hacker's tool, and it has a lot of potential to become something more."- Jamie Zawinski


Yes people, for the something for the others column this week. I thought I would look into something that has always intrigued me a little bit, as a kind of techy type person...  that is the world of  "hacking"

Now, let me be Frank. Now Matt again, now Frank!
Enough Frivolity...
I would just like to say that this will in NO WAY help you to "hack" I would have no idea how to do that, nor would I try, also if I did, then I wouldn't tell you, so I guess you still don't know if I do or not...

Let me first tell people what in no way counts as "hacking"
Guessing people's passwords...
Logging into their computer and using the book of faces as if you are them, henceforth to be referred to as a new term (I made up) called "fraping".
Changing icons or codes or reg files on someones pc, that's just called breaking it! and it's not nice!

Hacking has been in the news (at least my news) recently as Anonymous is hitting places around the world after the U.S. tried to take down MegaUpload. So, who is Anonymous? I hear you asking through the communication lines of the interweb... Anonymous are a group of hackers, or "hacktivists" (very funny, I like it), whose members wear Guy Fawkes masks (watch V for Vendetta and then get back to this blog). They act as secret vigilantes on the internet, taking down hard faced corporations and governments when they do silly things. 
The main thing I wanted to talk about here actually refers to how awesome a company Google is. 
Now everyone knows Google as the best search engine in the world, but they are so much more awesome in so many ways.

Firstly, bet you didn't think you would learn anything here, but, think again! 
The word "Google" originates from the word "Googol" which is 1x10100.

Google is one of the few companys pushing the boundaries in this world all the time, partly because they have enough money to do so, but still it's impressive. Also who else would do street maps, or gmail, or host an event challenging hackers to break their software. 

Yes, that's right. Google run a hacking contest, known as Pwn2Own. Top Prize for this year is $60,000. 
Basically hackers are given points based on how many exploits they find in various pieces of software, recently aiming at web browsers (should be fairly easy for internet explorer right?) 

I definitely feel that Internet Explorer exploits should be worth less. Definitely. 

Google also offer $20,000 if someone can find just a single exploit which compromises the security of the users of Chrome. Now that's a frakking Business model. Get the best people in the business to try what they're best at, offering loads of money, and when none of them can, you get to definitely offer a damn safe internet browser. 
Google is awesome. 

But, I digress, back to hacking. 
So, should we be afraid of people "hacking" our computers? 
The media says yes. 
Matt says no! 
It's super effective!

Basically the media blows any claims of hacking waaaayyyyyy out of proportion. 
For instance, another one of my pet peeves, The Mail. 

Could hackers develop a 'computer virus' to infect the human mind?

Oooohhh, big scary headline, what if we're being controlled right now man? Oh no...

When you read the article the basic principle is; No. No, it could not really happen, the technology is years away, if ever going to exist, and all of this comes from one guy who talked to The Mail, about a hyperthetical world where we would be able to do this.

And why are these people called hackers? Is that some sort of code? Are hackers working in labs across the country, even world, trying to develop this? Once again, the answer is; No! If anyone is going to create a (yes lets use the term) "virus" to "infect" the human brain, it's gonna be a SCIENTIST!

Man The Mail is a pile of shit.

But overall the main reason that you shouldn't be worried is that there are BETTER people in control of your privacy. It's worth far more to facebook, or google, or windows to avoid being "hacked" than the hundreds of code monkeys they employ to stop exactly that. Facebook gets about 600,000 attempts DAILY, to break users accounts. You know how many get through. FRAKKING NONE. And facebook are damn proud of that. As they should be.

So, set easier to remember passwords; none of this "kj&^$uhasfug7645732hsbs."

Stop reading The Mail, or anything else you hear
Because on average, hackers are not after your money, or your details. Most are there to make the internet a better place, and through whatever backwards means they do.

I'll leave this with a fantastically true xkcd comic, instead of the usual motivational.

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