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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

"The secret we should never let the gamemasters know is that they don't need any rules." Gary Gygax

Hey people.
We're back to gaming conventions! Specifically, PATHFINDER! (Massive surprise for anyone? No?)
The wonderfulness that is our NYC Venture Captain, Mr. Art Lobdell himself (round of applause) organised myself, David and Jane from New Haven to go up to CarnageCon, a rpg and board gaming convention up in Vermont.
First of all, most stunningly beautiful place for a convention I have actually ever been to (see photo)
That was the actual view out of the room from which we were playing pathfinder. Just take a moment to drink in that view, I'll let you.......
Done? Cool, then I'll continue.

Convention was 3 days of pathfinder, and as usual I was signed up to GM pretty much all the time, which was good because it was SO BUSY! It was so packed that we managed to play the battle interactive, which needs 5 tables all playing the same thing at the same time, which is fantastic for such an out-of-the-way convention.

We did have to chuck Jane into the deep end (of GMing, not the lake) due to this stupid amount of players, but I think with a 2 min coaching from David & I, she took to it amazingly and GM'd a table of 8 players to start off with (if you've ever GM'd, you know what that's like) followed by the BI.

This was indeed a shattering weekend, playing both midnight slots, for a total of like 4 then 3 hours sleep (thanks to the wonderful clock change half-way through the convention!) But totally worth it. Some fantastic tables, especially Sewer Dragons table, so if any of my players read this, then thanks again!

Keeping these a little short and sweet, since I still am playing catch-up, but the next one will be my impromptu return to England, to a certain someone's surprise!

Jane was nothing like this though....
Achievement unlocked!

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