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Monday, 17 January 2011

“Through memory we travel against time, through forgetfulness we follow its course.”

Hi people. It's time for installment number two. I thought I would make this a bit of a "Let's all laugh at Matt" segment, featuring a story from my life this evening. Hopefully this will help to lighten up The Hinternet which maybe started on a slight downer...

Before I go through the story, those of you who know me well know that I can be a little absent minded about certain small things (saves room for more important stuff...hopefully...) so keep that in mind. My mind is (hopefully) especially full of physics for the impending exams (tomorrow) so i think all common sense has taken a holiday this eve...

Okay. This story, as all good stories do, begins with the fact that I had run out of comfortable and clean boxers. I had either, but not both, thus it would be time to clean them. This meant using the new laundry facilities on campus. I'm usually good with new technology so relishing the break from hectic revision I set off to the laundrette with a smile on my face. I popped into Amigos to get some change on the way and then was at the laundrette with my washing.
Okay, so I worked out fine that the first step was to put in £2 to obtain a cardy thing... done. All good. Beside this is a machine which says top-up, "simple enough" I thought. My first clue was the lack of coin slot on this machine. I entered my shiny new cardy thing and was approched with "Enter Number"... Very Specific...
It seemed to be about debit card length, so I put in my Debit card number: 5068-3783-... I'm joking, those are random numbers (gotcha). However, it was the wrong length. At this point I was being laughed at for not understanding it, so begrudgingly began to read the poster behind explaining what to do. This seemed to be written in a strange dialect, some mix between human and retard I think. I deduced that I needed to go and enter my new cardy thing number on some website to get another number and top up a minimum of £10, which is a bit steep considering I only needed one wash.
Thus I went back home and did all of this to recieve the correct number. They were kind enough to give me £12 imaginary laundry pounds, which is about as useful as a snooze button on a fire alarm to me but that's beside the point. This meant that I was ready to set out into the wide world outside Twyford again, still smiling.
I got up to the top-up machine for my new cardy thingy and proceeded to pat myself down in an increasingly frantic fashion since I had managed to leave the slip of paper with my number which required two numbers and £10 to obtain on my desk at home. At this point, people seemed to find this even more funny than last time so I begrudgingly picked up my washing and headed back to retrieve it.
A short walk later again, missing slightly more of the original smile I got to the laundrette and an annoyingly useful thought crossed my mind, "Washing powder, crap" It's off to amigos I go, to spend an extortionate £3 on washing powder, which im gonna use once.
Finally I made it to the top-up machine inserted my card, and got the imaginary laudry money onto my card and started my washing.

You will hopefully all be glad to know that my washing is done (though I didn't have the heart to use the dryers so its hanging in my room) my smile is surprisingly still around (If you can't laugh at yourself... ) but my love for circuitgroup laundry company has diminished to 0.
So this was one expensive wash, in terms of money time. But it hopefully made for good blog material and that's the important thing.

In future I promise to post more non-menial things than just "I did some washing" :p
I also apologise for the length, it got away from me... Back to revision now (finished my Viennese Whirls)
Back to revision...

Achievement Unlocked!

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Jonnyishman said...

I can just imagine you striding with a big happpy Matt smile which slowly diminished to a Matt sad face.

On another note, if I do need to do another laundry before I go. Can I do it on your card and give you the monies? Not completely wasted after all ya know.