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Monday, 12 March 2012

"I don't think it's healthy to take yourself too seriously." Payne Stewart

Okay, so basically I thought I would spend some time laughing at myself, since I am pretty funny, and modest (honest...)
So last Saturday it was decided that we would all go out to Tease, what a wonderful idea! You know, Gay night at the union, what could possibly go wrong?

Everything, everything could go wrong... but little was I to know this.
So, we had just finished another awesome session of pathfinder, playing We Be Goblins! (fantastic module) and were heading off to pre-drinks at Brian/Le-Roy's house, all good so far. I decided to pick up some red wine to drink (getting worse).
At Brian's we played some rather strange drinking games, such as German Sex Noises (pretty self explainitory) and eventually left for the union after drinking some sort of strange pink drink at approximately 11pm with (inexplicably) none of my wine left.

The union was the STUPIDLY empty... and the rest of it was filled with guys, very strange experience. Strange...
Okay, so the day after I insisted that I remembered everything from the union. I however, do not remember so well anymore... Thus, I'm gonna take a stab at an approximate series of events.

1. Drank some sort of shot which tasted like Cinnamon
2. Watched some sort of contest on stage until Brian was voted off, then it got weird...
3. Went outside for serious talks (I think) with Le-Roy, Travis & Rosh
4. Back inside somehow, danced for a bit with people.
5. Somehow ended up outside talking again, with a Corona.
6. Lost people and ended up sitting on the sofas, knowing that I was pretty drunk, so decided to give up and go home.

That's when things got bad.
Basically noone at the Union knew where I had gone, so, before the fact that I could have gone home with someone went through their minds, they assumed I had died, been abducted by Aliens or rode some sort of Frakking magical unicorn to live as the king of the Syuiyes people... so Le-Roy managed to get through to Elle, who came round to mine to see if I was there.

By this point in the evening I had made it into my bathroom after getting half undressed and ready for bed, so that I could get some water and sleep. Elle ringing the doorbell (I will insist this until the day I die) shocked and confused me to such a degree to such an extent that I stumbled and tried to use the shower guard as a wall.

You know what shower-guards are not good at being?           Walls.
You know how I know that?                                     I fell through it.

Yes, I fell through the shower.

I'll skip through the whole bit where I opened the door to Elle with glass in my back and having to pick glass out my back, plus the whole going into shock thing... Because that's totally boring..

So, yeah basically. I hope you all enjoy the second awesome shower story of my life, for those of you who don't know the first one ask ANYONE I KNOW!

Overall, I am fine and was fine that evening, just went to bed. All was good. So we can all laugh at it now...

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